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Categories of Members

The Membership of the Association consists of the following categories of members: -

Founder Members:
Founder members are those members of the association who were present in the ad-hoc general meeting of PEATA held at Radio Club on 4th and 25th September 1965, who thereafter paid their subscription within month and compiled with the other requirements as per the rules and regulations and were declared as founder of the association. The names of such founder members are attached herewith marked as Annexure 'A' and vacancies arising due to any reason beyond control shall remain unfilled. When no founder member is left on the roll of the association this category of membership shall cease to operate.

Ordinary Members:
All Registered / Licensed Practicing Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Town Planner, practicing in their respective profession and

  1. Who are practicing preferably for not less than Three Years.
  2. Who agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the association in force from time to time and agree to serve the cause of the Association to the best of ability.
  3. Whose membership has been approved by the executive committee on being satisfied as to the applicant being in professional practice.
  4. Who agree to pay and pay the admission fee and subscription fees regularly for the time being in force.
  5. Who are already admitted as members earlier than the adoption of these presents.
  6. The enrollment of members shall be at the sole dicreation of the Executive Committee.

Life Members:
The members of association enrolled as "Life Member" prior to the date of the adaptation of these presents are Life Members during their life time.

Honorary Members:
The Executive Committee as its discretion may nominate the honorary members as and when does fit.

Donor Members:
The Executive Committee as its discretion may admit individuals who are ordinarily connected with building activities or trade as Donor Member on payment of prescribed fees as will be decided from time to time. No other fees such as admission fee shall be charged for this category of membership. The members of this category shall have right and privileges of members except to content for the membership of the Executive Committee as well as post of any office bearers of the Association, or participate or vote at any general Body of Special General Body Meeting.

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Form of Application

The form of the application for membership shall be prepared by the Executive Committee from time to time. It shall be signed by one member as proposer and other member as seconder. The applicant shall sign it to signify his willingness to serve the cause of the association to the best of ability and to abide by the rules and regulation of the association for the time being in force. The application form shall contain the details of admission fee, subscription for membership proof of eligibility etc.


Subscription of Membership

The ordinary member shall pay annual subscription of membership as in force from time to time in advance on or before 15th April of each year, which shall be the due of payment of subscription. Yearly subscription shall be valid up to 31st March of next year irrespective of membership accepted / admitted during any time of financial year i.e. validity of subscription shall be form 1st April to 31st March.


Suspension of Membership

If the subscription of a ordinary member remains in arrears for a period exceeding three months from the due date, the defaulting member shall cease to claim any privileges of the memberships till he / she / pays the arrears in the prescribed above. The Executive Committee as its discretion may restore such suspended membership as soon as up to date arrears of subscription are paid by such defaulting member.


Roll of Membership

The Association shall maintain the roll of membership for different categories and also prepare the list of members eligible to participate at any general body meeting of the association whose subscription is fully paid.


Facilities Available to Peata Members

  1. Two Air Conditioned Conference Room.
  2. Library of important reference books.
  3. Record of sanctioned Development Plans of all the wards of Gr. Mumbai.
  4. Record of City Survey Plans of Island City.
  5. All publications of PEATA (I).
  6. Telephones, Fax, Computer, e-mail etc.
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