Aims & Objectives :

Aims & Objectives

a. To unite, encourage and foster the ideals of the profession and to promote fellowship and ethical amongst members, in India, and such professionals settled abroad.

b. To promote and advance the common interest of the members and to act as liaison between member or members and various statutory or non statutory authorities.

c. To represent, to interact and to take active participation, with all concerned Local, Government and other Statutory authorities and seek redressal of grievances of member or members of the Association.

d. To be in communication with, and to co-operate with other associations or institutions or bodies, having similar objects and generally to take any action or actions which are incidental and conductive to the attainment of the objects of the Association.

e. To disseminate knowledge by holding conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars, training, competitions and gathering either at local, national or international level, or to conduct, manage, encourage or sponsor tours in the country or abroad on the subjects effecting or related to the profession or the Society in general either solely or in association with other Institutions, Associations, Societies or body or bodies, or to participate in workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences, gathering, tours, debates or discussions etc. held by other Associations, Institutions, Societies or bodies or authorities.

f. To represent and to take active participations with the Local and Statutory authorities of Govt. etc. in framing rules, regulations, enactment's for the benefit of fraternity and public at large and to assume initiative for implementation as deem fit.

g. To promote and make society aware of general standards of better planning, living condition, construction and maintenance of buildings, and to take steps for its fulfillment by formation of libraries, or library of references and to print and or press conferences, publishing of books or making of necessary materials and holding exhibitions for the above purpose.

h. To promote, harmonies and co-ordinate better mode of quality control and construction management to translate the efforts of all concerned professionals and for that purpose to devise, create necessary information, study or study courses of short and longer duration leading to better construction management.

i. To promote the benefit of professionals practice and its advantage in the rural area and to take, device or arrange necessary steps and actions for such purpose either solely or in co-operation with other like minded Association, Institution, body or bodies.

j. Generally to act the common benefit of members in order to Achieve better position and working in the society and also to act as arbitrator in dispute between members on professionals matter if requested to do so by the parties to dispute, and or to assist for the appointment of arbitrator/s etc.