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Hand Book of D. C. Regulation 1991
Published on 3rd March 1998

This publication is an extract of various policy decisions clarifications and circulars issued by Municipal Corporations from time to time. A part from adequate text and their interpretation are also explained graphically to make it simple for understanding.

Price: Rs.250/-


Table of Contents
Chapter Topic
  1. Amalgamation, Layout & Subdivision
    1. Recreation / R.G. open spaces Requirements, in Residential, Commercial & Industrial Zones.
    2. Additional Amenities in Layouts of Large Holdings (2 Hecters)
    3. Structures permitted in R.G.
    4. Infrastructure requirements in Layouts / Subdivision
  2. Advantage of D.P. Roads & Setbacks, Subsequent set backs.
  3. Accessory structures permitted free of F.S.I. in Various zones
  4. Ancillary Uses permitted in purely Residetial Zone.
  5. Approval of Amalgamation / Sub - Division by the Collector
    I) Formal of application
  6. Amended Plan
  7. Additional users permitted in plots reserved for receiving station, sub-station of MSEB, BEST, BSES Ltd. etc.
  1. Balcony
  2. Basements
  1. Convenience Shopping
  2. Canopy
  3. Chowks
    i) Inner Chowk
    ii) Outer Chowks
  4. Cul-de-sac
  5. Conversion of Industrially zoned land to Residential (R)
    Commercial (C)
    i) Guidelines
    ii) Application Formats
  6. Cinema/Theatre. (Guidelines for Redevelopment)
  7. Completion Certificate by Site Supervisor
  8. Completion Certificate by Structural Engineer (upto Plinth)
  9. Completion Certificate by Structural Engineer (For stability of entire work
  10. Completion Certificate by Architect / Licenced Supervisor
  1. Drawing Sheets, Sizes & Contents for Muncipal submission
  1. Floor Space Index
    i) F.S.I. Computation
    ii) Permissible F.S.I.
    iii) Exclusions from F.S.I. computation
  2. Floor Space Indices and Tenement Densities
  3. Additional F.S.I permissible categories
  4. Features & Projection permitted in open spaces free of F.S.I.

Graphical Illustations / Diagrams

  1. Compulsary R.G. Provisions.
  2. Open spaces for Building with wings
  3. Side & Rear open spaces & Average open space
  4. Open spaces as per 1/4th Rule
  5. Front, Side & Rear open spaces
  6. Long length factor
  7. Podium
  8. Additions and Alterations
  9. Tower like structures. (Open space requirements)
  10. Open spaces from internal layout roads
  11. Segretion distances
  12. Permitted Projections in Compulsary open spaces
    i) Niche & Porch
    ii) Canopy & Balcony
    iii) Chajja / Cornis & corner Balcony
  13. Front open spaces
  14. Service floor
  15. Involuntary sub-division due to encroachment on plot
  16. Lofts & Mezzanine Floor.
  17. Deduction from F.S.I. for…
  18. Basement & ramps for basement parking.
  19. Compound wall.
  20. Revas projection
  21. Room depth for light & ventilation
  22. Travel distance from exists / staircases
  23. Fire Escape Balcony for Industrial Building
  24. Shoppin Centres
  25. Flour Mill
  1. Height of Building (Vis-à-vis Road Width)
  2. Habitable Rooms :
    i) Minimum size & width
    ii) Clear height
  3. Heritage Regulations
    i) Terms of reference & regulations
    ii) Heritage T.D.R. Provision & Conditions
    iii) Guide Lilnes for height of buildings
    iv) Change of use.
    v) Guide Lines and checklist for preparation of proposal
  1. Industrial Location Policy (Revised)
    i) Zoning Classification
    ii) Restriction
    iii) Permissible Industrial use & Schedules
  1. Land Tenures
  2. Lofts
  3. Lands affected by Nallas and pemissible F.S.I.
  1. Mezzanine Floor
  2. Minimum size, width & clear height of kitchen, toilets etc.
  3. Means of Access
  4. Minimum Plot areas for various uses & net plot area
  1. N.O.C. from Civil Aviation Department
    i) Application formats, under taking etc.
  2. N.O.C. Ward officer (Estates) (Application format)
  3. N.A. Permission by the Collector
    i) Format Application
    ii) Instruction & Guidelines for N.A. application.
    iii) Affidavit for U.L.C. for N.A. permission (Format)
  4. N.O.C. from M.T.N.L. (Application Format)
  5. N.O.C. from Police Commissioner
  1. Open space Requirement for :-
    i) Residential Building
    ii) Commercial Buildings
    iii) Industrial Buildings
  2. Long Length Factor
  3. 1/4 Rule
  4. Tower like structure
  5. Average Open space & Method of averaging
  6. Set-Back from Internal / Layout Road and R.G.
  7. Front, Rear & Side Open Spaces
  8. Open space from plot boundary
  9. Set-Back from Centre line of street
  10. Segregating distance from Zonal boundaries / Road
  11. Open space relaxations for Narrow Plots in Residential,
    Commercial & Industrial Zones.
  12. Occupant Load
  1. Permissible development in Reserved plots and garden Gaothan plots
    i) Plots reserved for Public Housing (PH) & High Density Housing (HDH)
    ii) When property derive access from Muncipal road having width less than 20'-0" including plots in Gaothan & Koliwada
  2. Pre-requisists for Submission of Building Proposals.
    i) Documents from owner and stage of submissions
    ii) Documents from Architect / Licensed Surveyor and stage of submission
  3. Parking Space Requrements for various uses.
    i) Where to be provided
    ii) Size of parking space
    iii) Garages (enclosed)
  4. Porch
  5. Podium
  1. Revas Projection
  2. Recreation / Amenity Open Space (R.G.) requirements, in Residential, Commercial & Industrial Layout
  3. Repair permission for existing authorised and unauthorised
    (tolerable category) Structure
  1. Staircase, Lift, Liftwell and Lift passage F.S.I. advantage
  2. Slum Rehabilitation Schemes
    i) Slum Redevelopment Authority (S.R.A.).
    ii) Eligibility.
    iii) Guidelines & Check list for preparation of scheme.
    iv) Co-relation between Rehab to Free Sale Components,& model calculation.
    v) Relaxation in building and other requirements.
    vi) Slum T.D.R. regulation, procedure and utilisation.
    vii) Permanent Transit Camps (PTC).
    viii) Payment & Installments.
    ix) Combinatons / Clubbing of two schemes
    x) Conversion of old scheme in to New scheme
    xi) Documents required for L.O.I. Approval & commencement Certificate
    xii) Annexure-I (Format)
    xiii) Annexure-II (Format)
    xiv) Annexure-III (Format)
  3. Sanitation Requirement for various occupancies :-
    i) Residential
    ii) Commercial
    iii) Industrial
    iv) Medical / Institutional
    v) Business office, Public/Govt.
    vi) Hotels
    vii) Cinema / Theatre
    viii) Restaurants
    ix) Hospitals
    x) Educational
    xi) Railways and Airports
  1. Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)
    i) Availibility
    ii) Utilisation
    iii) Permission F.S.I. Credit
    iv) Extent of utilisation
    v) Where can be utilised
    vi) Where can NOT be utilised
    vii) Users permissible in receiving zones
    viii) Additional T.D.R. Credit for Construction amenity.
    ix) Checklist of document.
    x) Application Formats
    xi) General terms & conditions for
    1. Issue of D.R.C. (Part-A)
    2. Utilisation of D.R.C. (Part-B)
    3. Transfer of D.R.C. (Part-C)
  1. Urban Land (Ceilling & Regulation) Act, 1976
    i) Ceiling Limits
    ii) Urban Agglomerations
    iii) Short notes on relevant section
    iv) List of requirements for NOC u/s 22 for redevelopment Indemnity Bond, Affidavit, Foramts etc.

Important General Informations

  1. Measurements & Conversion tables
  2. Principal Civic officers & telephone numbers.
  3. Muncipal Administrative Wards and their boundaries
  4. State Govt. Offices, Addresses and Telephone numbers
  5. Revenue Authorities & their powers
  6. Offices of revenue Authirities, addresses and telephone numbers
  7. City Survey Offices, addresses, telephone numbers and their area jurisdiction
  8. Fees / Charges for various revenue documents

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